Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daphne's Favorite Things: Molly Mutt Duvet Cover

When I first came across the Molly Mutt duvet covers, I honestly wished I had thought of doing this myself. It's pure genius, and such a fabulous way of combining adorable dog bedding with eco-friendly living.

Although Daphne has short hair, it still seems to get everywhere. Living in the desert with a mostly dirt backyard and twice-a-month irrigation can also lead to some pretty dirty paws every now and again. Combine all that with black bed sheets, and sometimes I feel like I need to wash the bedding everyday just to keep everything clean. That's why Daphne's new favorite thing {and mine too!} this week are the Molly Mutt duvet covers. You can use one to cover an old dog bed, or you can make your own with old pillows and blankets that are just laying around the house.

They are super easy to put together, requiring only a few steps before your new dog bed heaven is ready for action. Not to mention the many adorable patterns that are available.

The best part about this for me? Not only does Daphne love to lay on it, but I emptied out an entire drawer in my closet of old clothes and blankets to stuff in the bed. Now, not only are my sheets cleaner, but I have more room to go shopping!

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